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Organisations can be very busy delivering services and activities, but sometimes it’s good to take a step away and to look at whether you are working in the best way to ensure effectiveness and sustainability currently and into the future.  This workshop will help you to identify your strengths, areas for improvement and to consider some specific actions that you can take.



We will:

  • Look at what research says about what makes and effective organisation.
  • Undertake an assessment of your organisation in areas such as skills and knowledge of people, systems to make good use of resources, planning, progress towards meeting organisational aims, sustainable income, stakeholder engagement, understanding users needs and links to networks and other bodies
  • Develop an action plan to identify changes and improvements.

This workshop can be combined with an organisational effectiveness review undertaken beforehand in which team members fill in an online questionnaire asking them to rate their organisation against statements covering the areas above, and to tell us what is best and needs improvement about their organisation.  This allows a more in-depth analysis, and can be done confidentially or anonymously to encourage more honest feedback. The results of this will be presented at the workshop to identify areas for focus.


What you will get

A half-day workshop, action plan and up to an hour of follow up.

A half day workshop, action plan and up to an hour of follow up plus team effectiveness assessment before the workshop

This can also be delivered through one-to-one meetings with staff across your organisation, see organisational effectiveness review.


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