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Do you get to the end of the day not really sure you’ve achieved anything?  Do the important things get neglected in favour of day-to-day issues or other people’s priorities?  Do you struggle to manage email and interruptions?

This workshop will help you to sort out what your priorities are and give you practical ideas as to how to better manage your time.



  • What are your longer-term goals to inform your priorities?
  • How do your day-to-day activities help you to meet your longer-term goals?
  • What does research tell us about how to work effectively?
  • How to separate out what’s urgent and what’s important and what to do about it.
  • How to optimise day to day planning and time management
  • Reducing procrastination and time stealers
  • Improving energy and wellbeing


What you will get

Half-day session from which you will come away with your own personal action plan.

Individual session.

Follow on coaching sessions.

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