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Why implement a staff survey?

A staff survey can help you to find out how well you are doing, what your staff think about working for your organisation and their ideas about how to improve things.

In most organisations your workforce including staff and volunteers are the most important asset.  Research shows that in order for people to do their best they need certain things such as clarity about what is expected of them, the resources to do their work, the opportunity to do what they do best, and recognition or praise for doing good work.  By undertaking a staff survey around these themes you can find out directly from staff what you do well, where improvements are needed and what ideas people have for development.

Ideas to Impact has a tried and tested template to help you to implement your own staff survey including full guidance about the things that you need to think about.  The survey is applicable to all sectors and can be customised according to your needs.  Alternatively we can help you to run the survey, including:

Please see our staff survey support package or contact us for more information about options.


Background and content of the survey

The questions in the survey are designed around the twelve areas that have been found to best measure organisational effectiveness through twenty five years of research by Gallup speaking to over 1 million employees and 80,000 managers.  The results in detail are discussed in First, Break All The Rules, What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.  They found that employees that answered more positively to the questions that we’ve used in the survey worked in organisations with higher productivity, staff retention and customer satisfaction.

The survey provides a set of multiple choice questions, which can be benchmarked each year to identify changes, and an opportunity to further expand on answers to give you a better idea about what the issues – positive or negative – are for employees linked to each area.  The first twelve questions, Q1 to Q12 relate specifically to the key areas that the Gallup research identified.  There are then a further five questions, Q13 to Q17 measuring overall satisfaction and asking for suggestions for improvements.

For a copy of the survey or a discussion about how Ideas to Impact could help you to implement and customise the survey and support you to make any changes as a result, please contact us.

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