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Do you think that your organisation or team could work better together but are not sure what to focus on?  Do you know what team members think about what works well and what could be improved?  Or perhaps you’ve got new team members and want to do some team building?

As a result of this workshop and the actions you will identify you will be able to improve team effectiveness and staff satisfaction.



This workshop will:

  • Enable team members to consider what makes a high performing team
  • Examine some theories around team development and roles
  • Assess the team across a range of areas including:
  • Goals and purpose – what is the team there to do?
    • Values and culture – how do you want it to feel working within the team?
    • Communication and resources – do you have what you need to do your job?
    • Development and rewards – both individual and team
    • Relationships within the team and the team’s relationships with others
  • Identify areas for development and more specifically some actions that you can take to improve your team’s effectiveness.

We will provide you with an action plan from the session plus up to an hour of follow up to answer any questions.

This workshop can be combined with a team effectiveness assessment undertaken beforehand in which team members fill in an online questionnaire asking them to rate their team against statements covering the areas above, and to tell us what is best and needs improvement about their team.  This allows a more in-depth analysis, and can be done confidentially or anonymously to encourage more honest feedback. The results of this will be presented at the workshop to identify areas for focus.


What you will get

A half-day workshop, action plan and up to an hour of follow up.

A half day workshop, action plan and up to an hour of follow up plus team effectiveness assessment before the workshop


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